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Elastic Modulus

Elastic Modulus | Hysitron, Inc.
Elastic Modulus | Hysitron, Inc.

Quantitative Elastic Modulus Characterization at the Nanoscale

Nanoindentation is a powerful technique to quantitatively measure the indentation modulus of localized microstructures, interfaces, small surface features, and thin films. During a nanoindentation test, a probe of a well-known geometry is pressed into the surface of the material as the applied force and resulting indenter displacement is continuously measured. The acquired force-displacement curve is the nanoscale mechanical fingerprint of the material and provides a highly sensitive measurement of the probe/sample contact stiffness, from which the indentation modulus can be quantitatively calculated.

Hysitron is the world-leader in developing nanomechanical test instruments for indentation modulus characterization. Patented capacitive transducer technologies combined with nanometer precision test placement accuracy and superior control over the nanoindentation process enable quantitative, high-accuracy modulus measurements at the nanoscale. Hysitron’s suite of nanomechanical testing technologies enable nanoscale to microscale modulus characterization capabilities on the broadest range of materials—from ultra-thin films to traditional bulk materials.

Nanomechanical Test Instruments