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Electrical Contact Resistance - Standalone Systems

Electrical Contact Resistance | Hysitron, Inc.
Electrical Contact Resistance | Hysitron, Inc.

Nanoscale Electrical Contact Resistance

The combination of electrical contact resistance measurements with nanoindentation provides valuable new insights into contact resistance evolution and material deformation behavior at the nanoscale. By passing current through a conductive nanoindenter probe, nanoscale electrical characteristics can be determined as a function of applied probe force and probe displacement into the sample surface. In addition to quantitative measurement of I-V characteristics of nanoscale electrical contacts, new insights can be gained in the areas of thin film fracture, dislocation nucleation, deformation transients, contact resistance, fatigue, diode behavior, tunneling effects, piezoelectric response, phase transformations, and more. The correlation between the nanomechanical properties, electrical properties, and deformation behavior is of paramount importance in designing next- generation materials and devices.

Nanoscale Electrical Contact Resistance Test Equipment