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Electro-Mechanical Properties

Hybrid Nanomechanical and Electrical Characterzation

The coupling of nanoscale mechanical and electrical characterization techniques enables an in-depth understanding of the effect of applied stress and material deformation behavior on the electrical properties of materials. Hysitron’s nanoindentation-based electromechanical testing techniques significantly enhance the information that can be obtained during a nanoindentation measurement. By passing a current through the probe/sample contact, electrical contact resistance changes can be measured under tightly controlled force and displacement conditions. Quantitative characterization of contact resistance evolution, dielectric behavior, thin film breakdown voltages, and stress-induced phase transformations can be achieved utilizing combined nanoindentation and electrical techniques.

Hybrid nanoscale tensile testing and electrical characterization inside the TEM or SEM provides valuable new insights of the electro-mechanical properties of low dimensional materials. Utilizing a uniaxial tensile straining device, a direct correlation between stress, strain, material deformation behavior, and electrical properties can be achieved.

Electrical Contact Resistance - Standalone Systems

The combination of electrical contact resistance measurements with nanoindentation provides valuable new insights into contact resistance evolution and material deformation behavior at the nanoscale.

Electrical Contact Resistance - Electron Microscopes

Through-tip electromechanical measurements can be performed on particles, pillars, thin films, or site-specific regions by leveraging the imaging capabilities of scanning and transmission electron microscopes.