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Hybrid Nanoindentation - Techniques & Properties

Delivering a Comprehensive Understanding of Material Behavior at the Nanoscale

Hysitron is committed to developing the broadest range of nanoindentation- based characterization techniques for quantitative mechanical and tribological measurements at the nanoscale and microscale. Our suite of innovative testing techniques enables a comprehensive understanding of nanoscale material behavior critical to the development of next-generation materials.

Mechanical Properties

Quantitative Characterization of Elastic Modulus, Hardness, Viscoelastic, Creep, Stress Relaxation, Interfacial, and Fracture Properties at the Nanoscale and Microscale

Hybrid Imaging Techniques

Enhanced Understanding of Nanomechanical and Nanotribologal Properties  through in-situ SEM, TEM, SPM, Raman, and Fluorescence Microscopy 

Environmental Characterization

Quantitative Mechanical and Tribological Characterization in Non-Ambient Environments at the Nanoscale and Microscale

Electro-Mechanical Properties

Hybrid Nanomechanical and Electrical Characterization


Quantitative Nanoscale to Microscale Friction and Wear Characterization