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Knowledge Base Resources

Ensuring that our customers have the best nanomechanical testing experience is Hysitron's top priority. To support the importance we place on training during installation, we have developed Knowledge Base Resources that offer continuous training with best practices and for both new and experienced users.

Knowledge Base Resources include

Training Videos

The in-depth Hysitron Knowledge Base Training Videos are a new feature of our existing Knowledge Base Resources.

We have worked with established leaders in our field to create a suite of training videos that comprehensively cover equipment operation from basic procedures to advanced process design.

The first series of videos offer the same level of training performed during new instrument installation. These videos are extremely useful for training new users of Hysitron equipment. Furthermore, these videos contain advanced routines that even expert users will find helpful.

Topics included in the first series of videos:

  • Transducer calibration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Instrument hardware setup & operation
  • Calibrating tip area function
  • Calibrating machine compliance
  • Automated testing
  • Nanoindentation testing & data analysis
  • In-situ imaging

Additional training videos will be added for specific options.

Each of Hysitron's Knowledge Base Training Videos is approximately 30 minutes long and covers everything necessary to train a new user on each respective topic. Video content includes in-depth walkthroughs, real-time software navigation, 3D animations, and professional voice talent.

Strict pedagogical principles were followed in video scripting to ensure a full comprehension of all the information covered.

Customer Support Center Website

Our dedicated customer support center website is also included in our Knowledge Base Resources where users can find current information on system maintenence in addition to updated Hysitron training materials. Our customer support center website includes a searchable knowledge base, a download section containing user manuals and technical documents, and live, direct access to our technical support engineers via online chat. To request a username and password for the customer support center website, please visit the Customer Support Center Website.