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Education and Training

Hysitron provides a worldwide network of unmatched expertise in the nanomechanical testing community. Whether you are new to nanomechanical testing and want to learn if our techniques can help solve your materials-related issues, or if you are a pioneer in the nanomechanical testing field and would like to discuss the latest technology developments, Hysitron has resources to enable your next level of understanding in nanomechanical testing: 

Hysitron Nanomechanics Research Laboratory

The Nanomechanics Research Laboratory (NRL) offers education and training to provide both the basics and the latest developments in nanomechanical and nanotribological research and applications. The NRL will keep you up to date on the latest theories, probes, techniques, and procedures for operating our instruments, as well as the latest in Hysitron software and hardware developments.

Hysitron Global Laboratories

Hysitron has multiple laboratories located throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Each laboratory has highly knowledgeable Applications Scientists available to answer complex application-specific questions and participate in regional collaborative research.

Hysitron Customer Support

Hysitron has a worldwide network of skilled service engineers to keep your systems and operators running at maximum performance. Hysitron’s responsive and knowledgeable service personnel will deliver unparalleled support over the life of your Hysitron instrument.

Hysitron at Scientific Conferences and Trade Shows

Hysitron promotes our knowledge of nanomechanical testing at over 100 scientific conferences and tradeshows annually. Come speak with us about Hysitron’s testing solutions and listen to technical presentations given by our Scientists and collaborative partners.

Hysitron Core Techniques

An overview of Hysitron's core nanoindentation-based characterization techniques