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Hysitron’s Commitment to Our Customers

Hysitron’s reputation for customer service is unsurpassed in the world of nanomechanical testing instruments. This is due to our company‐wide commitment to our customers as well as our adherence to strict manufacturing and quality control practices that ensure smooth instrument installations and operation. The engineering and design of the instruments has also ensured that they will last for many years. It is common to see instruments still in use after 12 or more years of service. This is a much longer useful lifetime than most scientists will expect from a hi‐tech tool.

With instruments in over 40 countries, Hysitron has committed to providing accessible technical support to our customers. We have placed application and service centers in several key locations throughout the world, including The United States, Germany, Czech Republic, India, China, Taiwan, and other countries. In other areas we have fully trained representatives that are capable of installations and front line technical support. Whether you contact us by phone or email for tech support, we strive to get you in contact with one of these engineers immediately.

All of Hysitron’s direct service and applications engineers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline, and spend at least 3 months in our Nanomechanics Research Lab learning the various applications for our instruments. We are ready to help you with your challenges.

Access to Key Information

Hysitron has also developed a dedicated support website specifically for our customers. The support website contains a software and document download section where you can keep up to date with the most current software and manuals for your instrument. The knowledge base section is continuously updated with new information regarding troubleshooting and techniques for testing with Hysitron’s instruments. Customers that have purchased the training videos can also stream the videos directly from the Hysitron support site.

Ongoing Training

Well trained users are key to getting the most from your Hysitron nanomechanical testing equipment. Hysitron has several ways to help our customers retain all of the basic information needed to run the instruments.