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TI Premier

TI Premier Nanoindenter| Hysitron, Inc.
TI Premier | Hysitron, Inc.

TI Premier

Enabling Quantitative Nanomechanical Research

The TI Premier Series was specifically designed to deliver industry-leading, quantitative nanomechanical characterization within a compact platform. Built upon proven Hysitron technology, the TI Premier provides an essential toolkit for your nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing. Routine measurements to advance research can be accomplished utilizing the versatile base configurations of the TI Premier, while numerous technique upgrade options are available to meet the potential diversity of your future characterization needs.

The TI Premier Series offers systems tailored for quasi-static nanoindentation, high temperature characterization, dynamic characterization, and testing over multiple length scales. Hysitron's TI Premier Series nanoindenters are configured with multiple application-specific characterization packages to provide a dedicated solution to your testing requirements.

TI Premier Series Features

  • Configured with application-specific testing technique packages to reliably meet your characterization needs
  • Patented capacitive transducer technology provides reliable mechanical and tribological property measurements at the nanoscale
  • High resolution in-situ SPM imaging enables precise test positioning accuracy (+/- 10nm) and observation of post-test deformation behavior
  • Custom engineered enclosure with an integrated anti-vibration system provides nanoscale characterization capabilities in non-ideal environments
  • Sensitive force and displacement noise floors (<75nN, 0.2nm) for unprecedented accuracy
  • Intelligently designed software with enhanced automated testing routines and intuitive user interface
  • Easily adaptable to meet specific research needs, from soft polymers to ceramic thin films

TI Premier Series Configurations

TI Premier Series configurations are available in 4 prepackaged configurations tailored to specific applications, providing streamlined tools for nanoscale to microscale mechanical characterization.

  • TI Premier: Multipurpose configuration, optimized for mechanical characterization of thin films and coatings
  • TI Premier Dynamic: Quasi-static and dynamic mechanical property characterization over a broad range of materials, from ultra-soft to ultra-hard
  • TI Premier DxSol: Investigate mechanical properties and time-dependent deformation behavior as a function of temperature
  • TI Premier MultiScale: Quasi-static and dynamic mechanical property characterization from nano- to micro-scale

Popular TI Premier Upgrade Options

nanoDMA® III: Nanoscale Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

xSol High Temperature Stage: High Temperature Nanomechanical Testing

XPM: Ultra-Fast Nanomechanical Property Mapping

Modulus Mapping™: Quantitative, High-Resolution Surface Modulus Characterization

nanoECR®: In-Situ Electrical Contact Resistance

TriboAE™: In-Situ Acoustic Emission Monitoring

xProbe: Quantitative Rigid Probe Nanoindentation with AFM Resolution

2D Transducer: Combined Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Characterization

MultiRange NanoProbe™: Depth-Sensing Microindentation

xZ 500 Extended Stage: High Resolution Extended Displacement Characterization Capabilities 

TriboAnalysis™: Open Architecture Data Analysis and Reporting

TriboImage™: Time Resolved Friction/Wear Mapping

TriboScan™ Professional: Comprehensive Instrument Control Software Package Specifically Developed for the Industrial Market 

iTF: Patented Intrinsic Thin Film Property Models

Vacuum Chucks: Rapid Sample Mounting Utilizing Vacuum

Electrochemical Nanoindentation Cell: Nanomechanical testing in fluids with electrochemical capabilities

Cooling/Heating Temperature Control Stages: Temperature control stages for heating and cooling samples during nanomechanical testing and imaging

Test Probes: Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Testing Probes