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TI 950E TriboIndenter

TI 950E TriboIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.
TI 950E TriboIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.

TI 950E TriboIndenter®

Near Line, High-Throughput Nanomechanical Metrology - Achieve a New Level of Control

Nanomechanical metrology encompasses a broad set of techniques used to quantitatively measure the mechanical properties and interfacial adhesion of thin films. Device performance is heavily dependent on the relationship between processing, structure, and properties of the deposited materials. Traditional semiconductor manufacturing relies on a fixed process‐recipe combined with a classical statistical process control that is used to monitor the production process. Processes implemented by leading‐edge semiconductor manufacturers require higher levels of precision and accuracy, which necessitates the use of tighter process controls and new metrology tools. Nanomechanical metrology is highly sensitive to structure-processing changes of thin films and enables manufacturers to predict mechanical reliability early in the fab rather than having to wait until end‐of‐line testing or realizing failures during late stage processes such as bump and packaging.

Hysitron’s TI 950E TriboIndenter is based upon our patented and proven capacitive transducer and performech® advanced control technology, providing the highest degree of data accuracy, precision, stability, and reliability that our nanomechanical metrology equipment is renowned for. An Equipment Front End Module with dual load ports allow up to fifty 300mm wafer to be loaded into the system and tested in a single automated run. TriboScan™ Professional control software fully automates the testing and system calibration process and provides an intuitive touchscreen interface for tool control. Hysitron’s TI 950E enables continuous, rapid monitoring of thin film properties for tight control of mechanical reliability of each device layer in high volume production environments.

TI 950E TriboIndenter Features

  • Automated nanomechanical metrology enables rapid identification of unexpected process changes though quantifiable variations in the measured mechanical properties and/or interfacial adhesion values
  • Equipment Front End Module with dual BOLTS compatible load port modules  and FOUP openers allow up to fifty 300mm wafers to be rapidly tested in a single automated run
  • Cleanroom compatible enclosure with pneumatic wafer door,  safety interlocks, and integrated anti-vibration system provides environmental isolation to reliably perform nanoscale mechanical measurements in a FAB environment
  • High Precision X-Y-Z-θ Translation Staging enables reliable testing of any region on a 300mm wafer
  • TriboScan Professional operating software provides fully automated test execution, data analysis, and reporting
  • Fully automated probe change, system calibration functions, and system diagnostics for maximum uptime and data reliability.
  • Upgradeable to provide inline metrology with SECS/GEM/EFEM/tool/Host Communications and OHT docking capabilities

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