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TI 950A TriboIndenter

TI 950A TriboIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.
TI 950A TriboIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.

TI 950A TriboIndenter®

Automated Nanomechanical Metrology - Increase Product Reliability, Decrease Time to Market

Hysitron’s TI 950A TriboIndenter Nanomechanical Metrology Tool fully automates the testing process of single 300mm wafers. The TI 950A is based upon our patented and proven capacitive transducer and performech® advanced control technology, providing the highest degree of data accuracy, precision, stability, and reliability that our nanomechanical metrology equipment is renowned for. Any region of a full 300mm wafer can be tested in a single automated recipe through high-resolution rotational staging, eliminating the need for an operator to manually rotate a wafer to test the desired locations. A cleanroom compatible environmental isolation enclosure provides highly effective isolation from thermal gradients, air drafts, and acoustic disturbances to ensure maximum performance in semiconductor production environments. Automated nanomechanical testing rapidly identifies process variations and has been proven extremely important to improve yields, increase product reliability, validate new processes, decrease time to market, and minimize operating costs.

TI 950A TriboIndenter Features

  • Automated nanomechanical metrology of single 300mm wafers enables rapid identification of unexpected process changes though quantifiable variations in the measured mechanical properties and/or interfacial adhesion values
  • Cleanroom compatible enclosure with pneumatic wafer door,  safety interlocks, and integrated anti-vibration system provides environmental isolation to reliably perform nanoscale mechanical measurements in a FAB environment
  • High Precision X-Y-Z-θ Translation Staging enables reliable testing of any region on a 300mm wafer
  • TriboScan™ Professional operating software for fully automated test execution, data analysis, and reporting
  • Fully automated probe change, system calibration functions, and system diagnostics for maximum uptime and data reliability
  • Upgradeable to provide inline metrology with SECS/GEM/EFEM/tool/Host Communications, robotic wafer handling, and OHT docking capabilities

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