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Process Metrology Equipment

High-Throughput, Quantitative Nanomechanical & Interfacial Adhesion Characterization

Successful integration of newly developed materials and implementation of new processing technologies require innovative metrology solutions to assure processes are operating under a steady state. Hysitron’s nanomechanical metrology is a powerful means of identifying material structure and composition variations through highly sensitive mechanical and interfacial adhesion property measurements. The ability to identify and quantitatively characterize mechanical property fluctuations during high-volume manufacturing enables manufacturers to rapidly identify product variability to increase yields and mechanical reliability of technologically advanced products.

ATI 8800

In-Line, High Throughput Nanomechanical Process Metrology System

TI 950E TriboIndenter

Fully Automated Nanomechanical Metrology Equipment

TI 950A TriboIndenter

Standalone Nanomechanical Metrology Tool