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xSol High Temperature Stage

xSol High Temperature Stage - Nanomechanical Testing | Hysitron, Inc.
xSol High Temperature Stage | Hysitron, Inc.

xSol® High Temperature Stage

Nanomechanical Characterization at Elevated Temperatures Up to 800°C and Beyond

The ability to understand and tailor nanoscale mechanical properties is required to develop high temperature materials capable of reliably withstanding extreme operational environments. Hysitron’s xSol High Temperature Stage enables high resolution nanomechanical measurements to be performed over a broad temperature range. The thermally stable xSol stage design provides superior feedback-controlled temperature accuracy and fast stabilization times during high temperature nanomechanical testing. Dual resistive heating elements eliminate temperature gradients within the sample for a uniform temperature to the outermost testing surface. xSol’s heating element architecture and proprietary probe design provides passive tip heating for isothermal tip-sample contact. An integrated microenvironment can be purged with customized gaseous atmospheres to prevent reactive chemistries on the sample surface, such as oxidation. Combined with Hysitron’s nanoDMA® III, elevated temperature nanoscale creep behavior can be reliably measured over long time durations.

Hysitron's xSol High Temperature Stage Features

  • Thermally stable stage design enables quantitative, accurate, and reliable nanomechanical characterization at elevated temperatures up to 800°C
  • Tip-sample-thermal equilibrium in a uniform micro-environment
  • Superior control of the test region's micro-environment significantly reduces the effects of reactive chemistries during high temperature testing, such as oxidation
  • Fast heating under tight PID control algorithms
  • Compatible with Hysitron in-situ SPM imaging, nanoindentation, nanoscratch, nanowear, and nanoDMA III techniques

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