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xProbe - Nanoindentation Transducer | Hysitron, Inc.
xProbe | Hysitron, Inc.


Quantitative Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Measurements at Scales Previously Unimaginable

Hysitron’s xProbe is a MEMS-Based transducer that extends the characterization capabilities of Hysitron instrumentation down to the Angstrom level. Designed using Hysitron’s expertise in electrostatic actuation and capacitive sensing, combined with the latest MEMS fabrication technologies, the xProbe achieves load and displacement noise and sensitivity levels characteristic of AFMs while retaining the quantitative measurement and SPM imaging capabilities traditionally associated with Hysitron’s nanoindentation instruments. The xProbe’s high axial stiffness increase its mechanical bandwidth, dramatically improving feedback response time and enabling high strain rate testing. Additionally, the xProbe is available in a two-dimensional design for quantitative nanoscale tribological and friction force imaging capabilities. Hysitron’s xProbe sets the new standard in quantitative, rigid probe nanoindentation and nanotribological testing.

Hysitron’s xProbe Features

  • Quantitative measurement of mechanical properties on films as thin as a few nanometers
  • In-situ SPM imaging with nanonewton range contact forces minimizes disturbance to the surface during imaging, enabling surface imaging of compliant samples while resolving angstrom scale features
  • Rapid mechanical and electronic response provides exceptional feedback control and allows high strain rate nano indentation testing, spanning several orders of magnitude
  • Available in a 2D design for high-sensitivity tribological testing and frictional force microscopy

Additional xProbe Information