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TriboScan | Hysitron, Inc.
TriboScan | Hysitron, Inc.


Powerful Nanomechanical Data Collection and Analysis Software

TriboScan is a fully integrated nanomechanical data and analysis software package. With seamless integration between hardware configurations and modes of testing and analysis, TriboScan represents the industry benchmark in nanomechanical testing software.

TriboScan was specifically developed to increase the productivity and functionality of Hysitron Nanomechanical Test Instruments. The introduction of a tab-driven user interface in TriboScan allows users to switch easily between any Hysitron testing technique and between data collection and analysis. The organizational hierarchy of the tab structure creates an easy-to-learn interface that allows the user to locate any test operation quickly. Intuitive load function editors, user-definable measurement automation routines, and robust data analysis algorithms ensure reliable, quantitative data at the nanoscale.

TriboScan Features

  • Full integration of Hysitron’s full suite of test equipment and testing techniques into a single, intuitive software package
  • Tab-based, intuitive software  architecture makes software navigation simple and helps users follow the instrument operational sequence easily
  • Flexible, segment-by-segment definition of the testing sequence provides greater control over the test parameters in all the modes of operation
  • Enhanced feedback control algorithms provide superior  indentation, scratch, and dynamic test results
  • Easy tuning of PID gains with an intuitive step function analysis routine
  • Integrated intuitive, best-practice data analysis routines
  • Multiple user access levels for increase system security and data reliability
  • Available in offline package for external data analysis

Additional TriboScan Information