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TriboImage | Hysitron, Inc.
TriboImage | Hysitron, Inc.


Reciprocating Tribological Characterization at the Nanoscale to Microscale

Hysitron’s TriboImage™ enables feedback-controlled cyclic nanoscale scratch/wear characterization on thin films and localized surface structures. Utilizing Hysitron’s two-dimensional capacitive transducer technology, high sensitivity friction maps are acquired as a function of number of cycles, applied normal force, wear depth, and lateral displacement. By sliding a scratch probe in a reciprocating motion while continuously monitoring the force and displacement in the normal and lateral directions, a quantitative nanoscale analog comparable to the deformation mechanics of traditional pin-on-disk experiments can be performed.

Hysitron's TriboImage Features

  • Quantitative, high sensitivity nanoscale tribological characterization
  • Instant visualization of changes in friction as a function of cycle and wear depth
  • Rapid set-up of experiments involving thousands of cycles
  • Fully automated, multi sample testing capabilities
  • Test placement accuracy to within +/-10nm of the targeted testing location
  • In-situ SPM imaging for post-test deformation characterization
  • Operates under closed-loop force or displacement feedback control
  • Multiple scratch probe geometries and materials are available, based on application
  • Friction image mapping capabilities as a function of number of cycles, applied normal force, wear depth, and lateral displacement
  • Flexible analysis of individual scratch segments
  • Isolation of forward and reverse direction analysis

Additional TriboImage Information