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TriboAnalysis | Hysitron, Inc.
TriboAnalysis | Hysitron, Inc.


Maximize Flexibility in Data Analysis, Plotting, and Reporting

Hysitron’s TriboAnalysis has been developed for high volume and/or alternative model data analysis. Built upon the OrginPro software package, TriboAnalysis adds the functionality to easily load, analyze, and publish Hysitron data files while allowing the user to take full advantage of OriginPro options and features.

TriboAnalysis, like the standard TriboScan software, can plot multiple nanoindentation files. However, with TriboAnalysis the user can perform custom analysis routines as well as generate statistical reports from data sets in an easy to read table and graphical output. This capability enables customized analysis of multiple curves to be completed in minutes with a direct import function, saving time and enabling enhanced offline data analysis.

Hysitron's TriboAnalysis Features

  • User-definable data analysis algorithms for modeling any material with any probe geometry
  • Powerful curve-fitting routines for analysis of complex data and models
  • Automatically create publication and presentation quality tables and graphs
  • Built upon the renowned OrginPro software package
  • Open-architecture format allows modification of automation and analysis routines
  • Customizable report generation for automated testing results
  • Customized models can be saved and shared among users

Additional TriboAnalysis Information