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TriboAE - Nanoindentation Transducer| Hysitron, Inc.
TriboAE | Hysitron, Inc.


In-Situ Acoustic Emission Monitoring during Nanoindentation

The unique capabilities of in-situ acoustic emission monitoring during quasistatic nanoindentation is a powerful tool for enhancing the understanding of brittle material failure mechanics at the nanoscale. Hysitron’s TriboAE utilizes an acoustic emission sensor integrated directly into the nanoindentation probe, increasing sensitivity and eliminating the data artifacts that typically convolute the results with surface-mounted sensors. During the continuous measurement of probe force and displacement under feedback-controlled contact conditions, TriboAE synchronizes acoustic emission events caused by crack-induced release of elastic strain energy stored at the local contact between the nanoindentation probe and sample.

Hysitron's TriboAE Features

  • In-situ monitoring of acoustic signals generated from fracture events during the nanoindentation process
  • Acoustic emission sensor integrated directly into the nanoindentation probe, providing high measurement sensitivity and eliminates artifacts due to surface-mounted acoustic sensors
  • Custom designed software to aid in statistical analysis and time and frequency domain calculations
  • In-situ SPM imaging provides high precision test positioning accuracy and the ability to measure post-test crack lengths and observe deformation behavior

Additional TriboAE Information