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Tribo iQ

Tribo iQ Data Analysis | Hysitron

Tribo iQ™

Adaptable Data Processing, Analysis, and Reporting

Hysitron’s Tribo iQ is a versatile data analysis software package that can be fully customized to accommodate routine analysis and reporting, as well as meet highly advanced data processing and analysis requirements. Built upon an  industry-leading scientific graphing and data analysis software, OriginPro™ 2017, Tribo iQ provides maximum flexibility by allowing users to tailor, expand, and create customized analysis and plotting routines. Users are able to write custom modules within Tribo iQ, streamlining the data analysis process. New analysis modules are frequently written by Hysitron engineers and users can share their modules within the Hysitron community. 

Enhanced Productivity

  • Easy-to-use interface for beginners, with the ability to perform advanced customization
  • Data explorer functionality provides simplified data management and streamlined time to results
  • Analyze and plot all data present in a folder, automatically
  • Automated and customizable report generation
  • Integrated approach to the calibration→testing→analysis→report process

Data Processing and Analysis

  • Built-in standard nanomechanical analysis for indentation, scratch, wear, and spatially resolved property mapping
  • Create templates for repetitive tasks or to perform batch operations
  • Ability to take advantage of and automate OriginPro's full suite of analysis tools

Advanced Plotting

  • Intuitive graphical user interface simplifies the data plotting process
  • More than 100 built-in graph and table types with point-and-click customization
  • Combine multiple testing methods into one consolidated view
  • Superimpose data from mechanical tests onto optical and in-situ scanning probe microscopy (SPM) maps

Analysis Modules

  • Dozens of built-in analysis apps for common testing techniques available
  • Open-architecture nature of the module structure allows for customization of the analysis, plotting, and reporting of results
  • On-line library of additional analysis modules is continuously updated featuring new routines and plotting options
  • Users can create and share modules that they have customized or expanded
  • New modules can be created by users from scratch