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SPM+ High Resolution SPM Imaging

SPM+ High Resolution SPM Imaging | Hysitron, Inc.

SPM+ High Resolution Imaging
For Superior Nanomechanical Testing Results

Hysitron is the pioneer of in-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) imaging, which directly couples nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization with high-resolution SPM imaging.  The in-situ SPM technique utilizes the same probe to image the sample surface as is used to conduct the test, allowing images to be quickly gathered on-site without leaving the test location.  Hysitron’s in-situ SPM imaging inherently increases accuracy, repeatability, and speed of testing since ex-situ imaging methods, such as operating an AFM in parallel, requires additional time in moving the sample to another imaging location and presents significant challenges associated with reliable positioning on the desired testing sites. 

Nanometer Precision Test Placement Accuracy

Hysitron’s in-situ SPM imaging provides an imaging resolution on the same length scale as the testing, enabling truly quantitative and accurate characterization at the nanoscale. Pre-test SPM imaging of the testing site enables direct measurement of surface morphology (e.g. microstructure, topography, roughness) with nanometer resolution and is critical for avoiding surface defects prior to testing. High precision ±10nm test position accuracy streamlines testing of multiphase materials and allows the direct correlation of microstructure (e.g. shape, size, or distribution of domains) to mechanical properties. Additionally, post-test SPM imaging provides quantitative characterization of material deformation behavior (e.g. fracture, pile-up) and verification of the test placement.

Resolution up to 4096 x 4096

Hysitron's new SPM+ brings nanomechanical SPM imaging capabilities to a whole new level. With SPM+, scan size and image resolution are fully customizable to meet your specific sample analysis needs. 

SPM+ Features:

  • Nanometer resolution in-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy imaging enables quantitative characterization of pretest surface morphology and post-test deformation behavior
  • High-precision test placement accuracy of ±10nm maximizes data accuracy, reliability, and repeatability when testing at the nanoscale 
  • Top-down, probe scanning system architecture allows imaging of samples with broad range of geometries and masses 
  • A 70nN imaging contact force provides reliable imaging of soft materials and delicate surface structures 
  • Fully customizable SPM resolution options from 64 x 64 (fast scan) to 4096 x 4096 (high resolution)
  • Customizable X-Y scan dimensions and resolutions allow imaging of high aspect ratio features with maximum pixel densities, up to 16384 x 512
Additional SPM+ Imaging Information