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SPM Imaging- Closed Loop Scanner

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SPM Imaging | Hysitron, Inc.

SPM Imaging | Closed Loop Scanner

Closed Loop Scanner Upgrade

Hysitron offers the option of adding a Closed Loop Scanner to the TI 950 TriboIndenter. The closed loop scanner provides an increased scan range (X-Y: 100μm, Z: 15μm) with extremely low scanner bow and a scanning linearity of greater than 99.95%.

The closed loop scanner offers real-time position feedback and only takes milliseconds to settle. It also eliminates piezo creep and hysteresis by utilizing capacitive sensors for real-time position feedback and sub-nanometer noise performance.

The Closed Loop Scanner option is ideally suited for difficult applications by providing the ability to move in increments as small as a fraction of a nanometer with high precision and speed.

The ultra-fast settle time and quick positioning response of the Closed Loop Scanner allows researchers to run piezo automation experiments 2× to 3× faster than while operating in open loop mode. Additionally, the absence of piezo drift simplifies the process of identifying and targeting small surface features. The Closed Loop Scanner provides the capability of accurately positioning the probe on the desired surface feature the first time, every time.

Hysitron's Closed Loop Scanner Upgrade Features:

  • Probe rastering closed loop scanner, ensuring sample is not moved during imaging or testing
  • In-situ SPM imaging capability exclusive to Hysitron instrumentation
  • Increased scan range (X-Y: 100μm, Z: 15μm)
  • Real-time position feedback eliminates testing difficulties arising from piezo creep and hysteresis
  • Capacitive position sensors with sub nanometer noise performance and a scanning linearity of >99.95%
  • Advanced DSP control algorithms to maintain accuracy and speed
  • Ultra-fast settle time allows for increased sample throughput
  • Easy system integration

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