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Performech II Advanced Control Module Upgrade Package

Performech II Advanced Control Module Upgrade Package | Hysitron, Inc.
Includes Performech II, TriboScan 10, & Tribo iQ | Hysitron, Inc.

Supercharge Your System with the Latest Hysitron Technology

Optimized Multi-Scale Testing

Seamlessly test with any combination of two Hysitron capacitive transducers, fully optimized for the test being performed

Enhanced Specifications

Drastically faster data sampling rates with enhanced noise floor performance delivers maximum accuracy in quantitative high-speed nanomechanical testing to the bottom of the nanoscale

Speed & Automation

500x faster nanoindentation combined with fully automated system calibrations and sample testing routines provide maximum throughput and data reliability

Simplicity & Advanced Visualization

Whole sample, multi-scale optical surveying combined with high-resolution in-situ SPM+ imaging, XPM accelerated property mapping, and open-architecture analysis software enables you to understand materials like never before

Additional Performech II Enhancements Information

Performech II Enhancements Information Sheet

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