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Performech II Advanced Control Module

Hysitron Performech II Controller
Hysitron's Performech II Advanced Control Module

Performech® II Advanced Control Module

Industry-Leading Control for Quantitative Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Characterization

Hysitron’s Performech II advanced control module provides the speed and precision necessary for rapid, reliable, and quantitative characterization to the low end of the nanoscale. Based on a state-of-the-art digital-signal-processor (DSP) with field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA) architecture, the Performech II delivers ultra-fast feedback control of user-definable test functions, data sampling rates, and data acquisition speeds. Combined with industry-leading force and displacement noise floor performance, the Performech II enables 500x faster nanoindentation testing for fast, high-resolution nanomechanical property mapping. Fully integrated multi-technique control capabilities allow the Performech II to seamlessly operate multiple Hysitron transducers, piezo scanners, dynamic signal generators (nanoDMA® III), and electrical sourcing and measurement (nanoECR®) with maximized signal synchronicity. The Performech II's modular controller design with auxiliary data acquisition and hardware control capabilities provides unparalleled flexibility and upgradeability in nanomechanical and nanotribology-based characterization.

Superior Feedback Control

The Performech II Advanced Control Module delivers powerful force and displacement feedback control modes for precise and reliable control during nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization. All feedback control functionalities are performed onboard the Performech II Advanced Control Module by the dedicated DSP and FPGA embedded within the controller. Proprietary feedback control algorithms were specifically developed for the physics of Hysitron’s transducers as well as the rapidly changing indenter-specimen contact stiffness conditions that occur during nanoindentation. An ultra-fast feedback loop rate of 78kHz, running on up to 24 channels simultaneously, assures the system can effectively respond to fast transient events such as dislocation nucleation, fracture, and thin film delamination while accurately reproducing any test function defined by the user.

Performech II Features:

  • State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) plus Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) controller architecture
  • Fully integrated multi-technique control for seamless operation of multiple Hysitron transducers, piezo scanners, dynamic signal generators (nanoDMA® III), and electrical sourcing and measurement (nanoECR®) with maximum signal synchronicity
  • Industry-leading force and displacement noise floors enable characterization to the bottom of the nanoscale:
    • Standard Capacitive Transducer Noise Floors: 0.1nm displacement and 20nN force
    • xProbe™ Transducer Noise Floors: 0.01nm displacement and 1nN force
  • Ultra-fast feedback control loops and data acquisition rates reliably track rapid transient events and deliver high speed testing capabilities
  • Modular controller architecture with up to 24 channels of auxiliary data acquisition and external device control
  • Simultaneous 1.2MHz data sampling rate and 78kHz feedback loop rate on all channels
  • High speed control and acquisition enables 500x faster testing than traditional nanoindentation testing routines, up to 6 measurements per second

Upgrade Existing Hysitron Systems

Any existing Hysitron nanoindentation system can be easily upgraded with the Performech II Advanced Control Module. Packaged with Hysitron’s latest TriboScan 10 Control Software and Tribo iQ Data Analysis Package, the Performech II offers exciting new levels of performance, optimized multi-scale testing, increased speed and automation, enhanced simplicity, and advanced visualization. The Performech II upgrade takes existing Hysitron systems to the performance level of today’s cutting-edge technology.

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