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Nanomechanical Testing Probes

Nanomechanical Testing Probes - Nanoindentation | Hysitron, Inc.
Nanomechanical Testing Probes | Hysitron, Inc.

Nanomechanical Testing Probes

Achieving the Highest Quality Test Results

The highest quality nanomechanical test instrumentation requires the highest quality nanomechanical testing probes. Test results can only be as good as the probes that are used. All Hysitron probes are designed to pass a through a comprehensive quality assurance check - a process that involves a combination of mechancial property measurement validation on established reference sample materials, in-situ SPM imaging of residual nanoindentation impression to qualify probe geometry and consistency, and a high-resolution optical inspection. Hysitron's quality assurance documentation is supplied along with every probe.

Defining Elements of Hysitron Probes

  • Guaranteed Transducer Compatibility: Probes are specifically engineered to be compatible with the Hysitron transducer and greatly minimizes the risk of potential transducer damage during probe installation
  • Probe Shape Validation: Hysitron uses a combination of nanoindentation and in-situ SPM imaging to validate the shape of the probe over the nanometer to micrometer displacement range in addition to high-resolution optical inspection
  • Rigid Assembly: Hysitron nanoindenter probes are manufactured using a rigid assembly process to minimize machine compliance and increase probe mechanical reliability and stability
  • Mechanical Property Validation: All Hysitron probes are tested prior to shipment to assure accurate and repeatable results on standard reference samples
  • Fast Shipment: Hysitron keeps in stock a variety of standard probe geometries to minimize delivery time
  • Probe Selection Support: All Hysitron probe sales are backed by highly responsive Application Scientists and Engineers to help you select the best probe for your application
  • Strict Quality Standards: Hysitron rejects up to 60% of manufactured probes to supply only the highest quality probes to be used on your Hysitron Nanomechanical Test Instrumentation

Additional Testing Probe Information