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nanoECR - Electrical Nanoindentation | Hysitron, Inc.
nanoECR | Hysitron, Inc.


Nanoscale Electrical Contact Resistance Measurements

Hysitron’s nanoECR (nanoscale Electrical Contact Resistance) provides a powerful solution for simultaneous electrical and mechanical measurements at the nanoscale. Correlation of multiple measurements from in-situ experiments greatly increases the wealth of information obtained from traditional nanoindentation measurements.

The discovery, understanding, and control of the unique properties present at the nanoscale are some of the primary research interests in modern day science. The correlation between the mechanical properties, electrical properties, and deformation behavior is of paramount importance in designing next- generation electronic materials and devices. Hysitron’s nanoECR facilitates research in these areas and can be used to investigate pressure-induced phase transformations, diode behavior, tunneling effects, piezoelectric response, fracture, oxide breakdown, etc of nanoscale volumes of material.

nanoECR utilizes a new model of Hysitron’s patented three-plate capacitive force and displacement transducer that has been modified to provide an electrical path from a sample biasing stage through a conductive indenter probe to signal acquisition and measurement hardware, allowing continuous measurement of evolving electrical contact conditions as a function of applied force and probe displacement. Combined with Hysitron’s in-situ SPM imaging, conductive imaging of the sample surface can also be performed.

Hysitron's nanoECR Features

  • Simultaneous, in-situ nanoscale electrical and mechanical measurements
  • Time-based correlation of multiple measurements, including force, displacement, voltage and current
  • Constant voltage or I-V sweep measurements from nanoscale probe contacts during highly controlled applied load or probe displacement conditions
  • Conductive indenter probes provide optimized electrical and mechanical contacts
  • High resolution electrical source/meter provides low voltage/current measurement capabilities  for nanoscale contacts
  • User-friendly software for control and observation of electrical test measurements 
  • Combined with Hysitron’s in-situ SPM imaging, measurements can be positioned within ±10nm of the desired testing location and conductive surface imaging can be performed

Additional nanoECR Information