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Modulus Mapping

Modulus Mapping™ - Dynamic Nanoindentation | Hysitron, Inc.
Modulus Mapping™ | Hysitron, Inc.

Modulus Mapping™

Quantitative Mechanical Property Imaging

Hysitron’s Modulus Mapping combines the powerful capabilities of nanoscale dynamic analysis (nanoDMA® III) with in-situ SPM imaging to quantitatively map nanomechanical properties of a material’s surface. During a Modulus Mapping measurement the nanoindenter probe oscillates at a highly controlled force amplitude while being raster scanned over the sample surface in SPM imaging mode. The resulting displacement amplitude and phase lag are utilized to quantitatively measure viscoelastic surface properties. Each Modulus Map has a 256 x 256 pixel resolution, which means that 65,536 individual tests can be performed in only ten minutes. Modulus Mapping allows more data to be taken with far superior resolution to other mapping techniques in a fraction of the time.

Modulus Mapping Features

  • High-resolution modulus mapping of material surfaces and interfaces
  • 65,536 nanomechanical tests in less than ten minutes
  • Quantitative mapping of topography, storage and loss stiffness, storage and loss modulus,  and tan-delta
  • Automated indenter probe shape calibration
  • Advanced offline image analysis software

Additional Modulus Mapping Information