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3D OmniProbe

3D OmniProbe for Nanoindentation and Microindentation| Hysitron, Inc.
3D OmniProbe | Hysitron, Inc.

3D OmniProbe™

Microscale to Nanoscale Mechanical and Tribological Testing

Hysitron’s 3D OmniProbe brings depth-sensing indentation testing techniques into the world of three-dimensional characterization. Through exceptional three-dimensional force and displacement sensing and control technologies, the 3D OmniProbe meets the rigorous challenges intrinsic to nano/micro-scale mechanical and tribological characterization.

Utilizing trusted, high bandwidth capacitive sensor technology from Hysitron’s nanoindentation transducers in combination with a high precision pre-stressed piezoelectric actuator, the 3D OmniProbe yields higher force testing while maintaining low noise specifications.

In addition to nano/micro-scale indentation and scratch characterization, the 3D OmniProbe is capable of performing in-situ profilometry measurements. Profilometry using the 3D OmniProbe allows for measuring dimensions much larger than the limits of a conventional AFM system.

Each 3D OmniProbe is carefully designed, constructed, calibrated, and tested to meet a user’s specific applications needs with regard to normal force and lateral force sensitivity. The 3D OmniProbe is capable of lateral forces up to 5N and displacements of 150mm.

Hysitron's 3D OmniProbe Features

  • Three dimensional force and displacement sensing and control for nanoscale to microscale indentation (hardness, modulus, fracture toughness) and scratch (friction coefficients, wear, coating adhesion) characterization
  • Multidirectional scratch capabilities
  • Closed-loop load or displacement controlled testing
  • Real-time sample tilt correction for tribology and scratch experiments
  • Maximum lateral force of 5N
  • Maximum scratch length of 150mm
  • Maximum normal displacement of 80μm
  • Customizable normal force range, based on testing needs. 

Additional 3D OmniProbe Information