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Nanomechanics Research Laboratory

The Nanomechanics Research Laboratory (NRL) offers analytical nanomechanical and nanotribological testing services to both the industrial and academic nano-communities. The NRL also researches and develops new applications and novel testing methods using Hysitron products. Through extensive testing and service experience, the NRL has proven expertise in characterization of materials such as metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, and biomaterials.

The NRL has testing capabilities encompassing Hysitron’s full suite of characterization techniques. Utilizing our extensive experience and advanced instrumentation, the NRL has the capability to meet your nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization requirements. The ultimate goal of Hysitron's NRL lab services is to help you better understand the materials critical to your continued success.

Our experienced lab engineers and scientists are ready to provide quality services to meet your nanoscale to microscale mechanical and tribological testing requirements.

Contact the NRL

For technological solutions or sample testing requirements, please contact the Hysitron Nanomechanics Research Laboratory or your local Hysitron representative. Upon making initial arrangements, all samples and sample testing information may be sent to Hysitron for processing. The NRL also recommends that you visit Hysitron to observe how our nanoindentation testing systems can work for you.