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TS 75 TriboScope

TS 75 TriboScope | Hysitron, Inc.
TS 75 TriboScope | Hysitron, Inc.

TS 75 TriboScope®

Enhance the Characterization Capabilities of Your AFM

Hysitron’s TS 75 TriboScope Nanomechanical Test Instrument enables quantitative, rigid-probe nanoindentation and nanotribological characterization capabilities on your existing AFM. The TS 75 quickly and seamlessly interfaces to popular commercially available AFMs to enhance the characterization capabilities of these microscopes. Hysitron’s TS 75 TriboScope removes the limitations, variability, and complexity that plague cantilever-based mechanical and tribological property measurements.

TS 75 TriboScope Features

  • Quantitative, rigid-probe characterization removes uncertainties and complexities caused by cantilever-based nanoindentation and nanotribological testing techniques
  • Seamless integration to popular commercially available AFMs
  • Patented capacitive transducer and proprietary control  technologies deliver industry-leading force and displacement noise floors
  • In-situ SPM imaging provides accurate test site identification and test placement accuracy
  • Enables quantitative nanomechanical characterization of the broadest range of materials, from hydrogels to ultra-thin diamond thin films

Quantitative, Reliable, Accurate, & Rapid Results

The in-situ SPM imaging capability of the TS 75 TriboScope is critical for precise test placement and microstructure identification. The in-situ images are obtained by raster scanning the indenter probe over the sample surface and can be used to reliably place a test within 10nm of the desired testing location. This technique allows for effortless pre- and post- test topographical imaging without the need to reposition an auxiliary imaging instrument over the nanoscale testing site. The quantitative force and displacement results acquired during the test, in conjunction with the in-situ imaging capability, offer an unparalleled wealth of information concerning the material deformation behavior and mechanical properties of the material.

The TS 75 nanomechanical test instrument is driven by the performech® DSP control unit, providing unsurpassed performance and industry-leading sensitivity. The performech controller boasts a sub 30nN force noise floor and 25x faster feedback control than the previous generation electronics. The compact design of the Hysitron capacitive transducer allows it to be easily interfaced with most commercial AFM systems within minutes. The Hysitron transducer replaces the SPM detector assembly and provides topographic feedback for imaging. Utilizing the same indenter probe to obtain in-situ SPM images as to perform the nanoindentation experiment guarantees quantitative and repeatable data. Additionally, the transducer utilizes a rigid indenter which unlike cantilever based systems provides direct force and displacement measurements resulting in accurate and quantifiable results.

Additional TS 75 Information

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