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PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter Publications

In situ TEM nanomechanics
Q. Yu, M. Legros, A.M. Minor
MRS Bulletin, 40.01 (2015): 62-70

Orientation- and size-dependent room-temperature placticity in ZrC crystals
S. Kiani, C. Ratsch, A.M. Minor, J.-M Yang, S. Kodambaka
Scripta Materialia, 95.9 (2015)

Measuring surface dislocation nucleation in defect-scarce nanostructures
Lisa Y. Chen, Mo-rigen He, Jungho Shin, Gunther Richter, & Daniel S. Gianola
Nature Materials, 14 (2015): 707-713

In situ transmission electron microscopy observations of room-temperature plasticity in sub-micron-size TaC(100) and TaC(011) single crystals
S. Kiani, C. Ratsch, A.M. Minor, J.-M Yang, S. Kodambaka
Scripta Materialia, 100 (2015): 13-16

Internal and external stresses: In situ TEM compression of Cu bicrystals containing a twin boundary
Peter J. Imrich, Christoph Kirchlechner, Daniel Kiener, Gerhard Dehm
Scripta Materialia, 100 (2015): 94-97

Terrace-like morphology of the boundary created through basal-prismatic transformation in magnesium
Bo-Yu Liu, Liang Wan, Jian Wang, Evan Ma, Zhi-Wei Shan
Scripta Materialia, 100 (2015): 86-89

The Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Based Metallic Glass under Different Strain Rate Compressions
Tao-Hsing Chen, Chih-Kai Tsai
Materials, 8.4 (2015): 1831-1840

From “Smaller is Stronger” to “Size-Independent Strength Plateau”: Towards Measuring the Ideal Strength of Iron
Wei-Zhong Han, Ling Huang, Shigenobu Ogata, Hajime Kimizuka, Zhao-Chun Yang, Christopher Weinberger, Qing-Jie Li, Bo-Yu Liu, Xi-Xiang Zhang, Ju Li, Evan Ma, Zhi-Wei Shan
Advanced Materials, 27.22 (2015): 3385-3390

Downscaling metal-dielectric interface fracture experiments to sub-micron dimensions: A feasibility study using TEM
B. Volker, W. Heinz, R. Roth, J.M. Batke, M.J. Cordill, G. Dehm
Surface and Coatings Technology, 270 (2015): 1-7

Measurement of the Length and Strength of Adhesive Interactions in a Nanoscale Silicon–Diamond Interface
Tevis D. B. Jacobs, Joel Lefever, Robert W. Carpick
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2.9 (2015)

Nanotinned silver nanowires: Structure and mechanical properties
Aaron Kobler,Thorsten Beuth, Tobias Klöffel, Robby Prang, Markus Moosmann, Torsten Scherer, Stefan Walheim, Horst Hahn, Christian Kübel, Bernd Meyer, Thomas Schimmel, Erik Bitzek
Acta Materialia, 92.15 (2015): 299-308

Nanomechanical and in situ TEM characterization of boron carbide thin films on helium implanted substrates: Delamination, real-time cracking and substrate buckling
David Framil Carpeño, Takahito Ohmura, Ling Zhang, Jérôme Leveneur, Michelle Dickinson, Christopher Seal, John Kennedy, Margaret Hyland
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 639 (2015): 54-64

Stabilized plasticity in ultrahigh strength, submicron Al crystals
Tao Hu, Lin Jiang, Hanry Yanga, Kaka Ma, Troy D. Topping, Joshua Yee, Meijuan Li, Amiya K. Mukherjee, Julie M. Schoenung, Enrique J. Laverni
Acta Materialia, 94 (2015): 46-58

Size-dependent brittle-to-ductile transition in GaAs nano-rods
J. Wang, Y.G. Shen, F. Song, F.J. Ke, Y.L. Bai, C. Lu
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 150 (2015): 135-142

Plasticity mechanisms in ultrafine grained freestanding aluminum thin films revealed by in-situ transmission electron microscopy nanomechanical testing
Hosni Idrissi, Aaron Kobler, Behnam Amin-Ahmadi, Michael Coulombier, Montserrat Galceran, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Stéphane Godet, Christian Kübel, Thomas Pardoen, Dominique Schryvers
Applied Physics Letters, 104.101903 (2014)

Plasticity of a scandium-based nanoglass
Xiao Lei Wang, Feng Jiang, Horst Hahn, Ju Li, Herbert Gleiter, Jun Sun, Ji Xiang Fang
Scripta Materialia, 98 (2014): 40-43

An index for deformation controllability of small-volume materials
ZhangJie Wang, Zhiwei Shan, Ju Li, Jun Sun, Evan Ma
Science China Technological Sciences, 57.4 (2014): 663-670

Mechanical properties of individual MgAl2O4 agglomerates and their effects on densification
Jorgen F. Rufner, Ricardo H.R. Castro, Troy B. Holland, Klaus van Benthem
Acta Materialia, 69 (2014): 187-195

Size effect on compression properties of GaN nanocones examined using in situ transmission electron microscopy
Shao-Hui Kang, Te-Hua Fang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 597 (2014): 72-78

Nanoscopic observations of stress-induced formation of graphitic nanocrystallites at amorphous carbon surfaces
Ding-Shiang Wang, Shou-Yi Chang, Yi-Chung Huang, Jin-Bao Wu, Hong-Jen Lai, Ming-Sheng Leu
Carbon, 74 (2014): 302-311

Real time correlation between flow stress and dislocation density in steel during deformation
Ling Zhang, Nobuaki Sekido, Takahito Ohmura
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 611 (2014): 188-193

High strength micron size carbon fibers from polyacrylonitrile–carbon nanotube precursors
Korhan Sahin, Nicholas A. Fasanella, Ioannis Chasiotis, Kevin M. Lyons, Bradley A. Newcomb, Manjeshwar G. Kamath, Han Gi Chae, Satish Kumar
Carbon, 77 (2014): 442-453

Deformation-induced phase transformation in 4H–SiC nanopillars
Bin Chen, Jun Wang, Yiwei Zhu, Xiaozhou Liao, Chunsheng Lu, Yiu-Wing Mai, Simon P. Ringer, Fujiu Ke, Yaogen Shen
Acta Materialia, 80 (2014): 392-399

Direct real-time observation on nanoscale mechanical behavior of freestanding GaN short nano-bridge
Shang-Chao Hung
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 26.1 (2014): 307-311

Dislocation glide-controlled room-temperature plasticity in 6H-SiC single crystals
S. Kiani, K.W.K. Leung, V. Radmilovic, A.M. Minor, J.-M. Yang, D.H. Warner, S. Kodambaka
Acta Materialia, 80 (2014): 400-406

Effect of irradiation damage on the shear strength of Cu–Nb interfaces
Shimin Mao, Sezer Özerinç, William P. King, Robert S. Averback, Shen J. Dillon
Scripta Materialia, 90-91 (2014): 29-32

Elastic Properties of GaN Nanowires: Revealing the Influence of Planar Defects on Young's Modulus at Nanoscale
Sheng Dai, Jiong Zhao, Mo-rigen He, Ziaoguang Wang, Jinchun Wan, Zhiwei Shan, Jing Zhu
Nano Letters, 15.1 (2014): 8-15

Influence of bulk pre-straining on the size effect in nickel compression pillars
A.S. Schneider, D. Kiener, C.M. Yakacki, H.J. Maier, P.A. Gruber, N. Tamura, M. Kunz, A.M. Minor, C.P. Frick
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 559 (2013): 147-158

Electromechanical Probing of Li/Li2CO3 Core/Shell Particles in a TEM
Bin Xiang, Lei Wang, Gao Liu, Andrew M. Minor
Journal of The Electromechanical Society, 160.3 (2013)

Nanoscale wear as a stress-assisted chemical reaction
Tevis D. B. Jacobs, Robert W. Carpick
Nature Nanotechnology, 8 (2013): 108-112

Critical-temperature/Peierls-stress dependent size effects in body centered cubic nanopillars
Seung Min Han, Gang Feng, Joo Young Jung, Hee Joon Jung, James R. Groves, William D. Nix, Yi Cui
Applied Physics Letters, 102.4 (2013)

Size effect on mechanical properties of TiO2 capped nanotubes investigated using in situ transmission electron microscopy
Shao‑Hui Kang, Te‑Hua Fang, Tao‑Hsing Chen, Yu‑Jen Hsiao, Zheng‑Han Hong, Cheng‑Hsin Chuang, Lucio Riccobono
Microsystem Technologies, 20.3 (2013): 515-520

Anelastic Behavior in GaAs Semiconductor Nanowires
Bin Chen, Qiang Gao, Yanbo Wang, Xiaozhou Liao, Yiu-Wing Mai, Hark Hoe Tan, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Chennupati Jagadish
Nano Letters, 13.7 (2013): 3169-3172

Nanomechanical actuation from phase transitions in individual VO2 micro-beams
Hua Guo, Kevin Wang, Yu Deng, Y. Oh, S. A. Syed Asif, O. L. Warren, Z. W. Shan, J. Wu, A. M. Minor
Applied Physics Letters, 102.23 (2013)

Source mechanism of non-basal〈c + a〉slip in Ti alloy
Qian Yu, Jun Sun, John W. Morris Jr., Andrew M. Minor
Scripta Materialia, 69.1 (2013): 57-60

Strengthening effect of single-atomic-layer graphene in metal–graphene nanolayered composites
Youbin Kim, Jinsup Lee, Min Sun Yeom, Jae Won Shin, Hyungjun Kim, Yi Cui, Jeffrey W. Kysar, James Hone, Yousung Jung, Seokwoo Jeon, Seung Min Han
Nature Communications, 4 (2013)

Strengthening Brittle Semiconductor Nanowires through Stacking Faults: Insights from in Situ Mechanical Testing
Bin Chen, Jun Wang, Qiang Gao, Yujie Chen, Xiaozhou Liao, Chunsheng Lu, Hark Hoe Tan, Yiu-Wing Mai, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Huajian Gao, Chennupati Jagadish
Nano Letters, 13.9 (2013): 4369-4373

Real-time, high-resolution study of nanocrystallization and fatigue cracking in a cyclically strained metallic glass
Cheng-Cai Wang, Yun-Wei Mao, Zhi-Wei Shan, Ming Dao, Ju Li, Jun Sun, Evan Ma, Subra Suresh
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110.49 (2013): 19725-19730

Size effect on nanomechanical properties of ZnO cones using in situ transmission electron microscopy
Shao-Hui Kang, Te-Hua Fang, Tao-Hsing Chen, Ching-Hong Kuo
Current Applied Physics, 13.8 (2013): 1689-1696

Attraction of semiconductor nanowires: An in situ observation
Bin Chen, Qiang Gao, Li Chang, Yanbo Wang, Zibin Chen, Xiaozhou Liao, Hark Hoe Tan, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Chennupati Jagadish
Acta Materialia, 61.19 (2013): 7166-7172

Approaching the ideal elastic limit of metallic glasses
Lin Tian, Yong-Qiang Cheng, Zhi-Wei Shan, Ju Li, Cheng-Cai Wang, Xiao-Dong Han, Jun Sun, Evan Ma
Nature Communications, 3.609 (2012)

Introducing a strain-hardening capability to improve the ductility of bulk metallic glasses via severe plastic deformation
Y.B. Wang, D.D. Qu, X.H. Wang, Y. Cao, X.Z. Liao, M. Kawasaki, S.P. Ringer, Z.W. Shan, T.G. Langdon, J. Shen
Acta Materialia, 60.1 (2012): 253-260

Intrinsic and extrinsic size effects in the deformation of metallic glass nanopillars
O.V. Kuzmin, Y.T. Pei, C.Q. Chen, J.T.M. De Hosson
Acta Materialia, 60.3 (2012): 889-898

Dislocation starvation and exhaustion hardening in Mo alloy nanofibers
C. Chisholm, H. Bei, M.B. Lowry, J. Oh, S.A. Syed Asif, O.L. Warren, Z.W. Shan, E.P. George, A.M. Minor
Acta Materialia, 60.5 (2012): 2258-2264

Strain-hardening in submicron silicon pillars and spheres
Douglas D. Stauffer, Aaron Beaber, Andrew Wagner, Ozan Ugurlu, Julia Nowak, K. Andre Mkhoyan, Steven Girshick, William Gerberich
Acta Materialia, 60.6-7 (2012): 2471-2478

Combination of in situ straining and ACOM TEM: A novel method for analysis of plastic deformation of nanocrystalline metals
A. Kobler, A. Kashiwar, H. Hahn, C. Kübel
Ultramicroscopy, 128 (2012): 68-81

Direct observation of plastic deformation in iron–3% silicon single crystal by in situ nanoindentation in transmission electron microscopy
Ling Zhang, Takahito Ohmura, Kaoru Seikido, Kiyomi Nakajima, Toru Hara, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Scripta Materialia, 64.9 (2012): 919-922

Plastic deformation of submicron-sized crystals studied by in-situ Kikuchi diffraction and dislocation imaging
Xiaodan Zhang, Andrew Godfrey, Grethe Winther, Niels Hansen, Xiaoxu Huang
Materials Characterization, 70 (2012): 21-27

Deformation twinning mechanisms from bimetal interfaces as revealed by in situ straining in the TEM
S.J. Zheng, I.J. Beyerlein, J. Wang, J.S. Carpenter, W.Z. Han, N.A. Mara
Acta Materialia, 60.16 (2012): 5858-5866

In Situ TEM Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Micronanoscaled Metal Pillars
Zhiwei Shan
JOM, 64.10 (2012): 1229-1234

The Effect of Size on the Deformation Twinning Behavior in Hexagonal Close-Packed Ti and Mg
Qian Yu, Raja K. Mishra, Andrew M. Minor
JOM, 64.10 (2012): 1235-1240

Application of small-scale testing for investigation of ion-beam-irradiated materials
Daniel Kiener, Andrew M. Minor, Osman Anderoglu, Yongqiang Wang, Stuart A. Maloy, Peter Hosemann
Journal of Materials Research, 27.21 (2012): 2724-2736

Apparently homogeneous but intrinsically intermittent flow of taper-free metallic glass nanopillars
C.Q. Chen, Y.T. Pei, J.Th.M. De Hosson
Scripta Materialia, 67.12 (2012): 947-950

Large field-induced strains in a lead-free piezoelectric material
J. X. Zhang, B. Xiang, Q. He, J. Seidel, R. J. Zeches, P. Yu, S. Y. Yang, C. H. Wang, Y-H. Chu, L. W. Martin, A. M. Minor, R. Ramesh
Nature Nanotechnology, 6 (2011): 98-102

Super Deformability and Young’s Modulus of GaAs Nanowires
Yan-Bo Wang, Li-Feng Wang, Hannah J. Joyce, Qiang Gao, Xiao-Zhou Liao, Yiu-Wing Mai, Hoe H. Tan, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Hua-Jian Gao, Chennupati Jagadish
Advanced Materials, 23.11 (2011): 1356-1360

Self-Healing of Fractured GaAs Nanowires
Yanbo Wang, Hannah J. Joyce, Qiang Gao, Xiaozhou Liao, H. Hoe Tan, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Zhiwei Shan, Chennupati Jagadish
Nano Letters, 11.4 (2011): 1546-1549

Intrinsic size effects in the mechanical response of taper-free nanopillars of metallic glass
Chang Qiang Chen, Yu Tao Pei, Oleksii Kuzmin, Zhe Feng Zhang, Evan Ma, Jeff Th. M. De Hosson
Physical Review B, 83.18 (2011)

In situ nanocompression testing of irradiated copper
D. Kiener, P. Hosemann, S. A. Maloy, A. M. Minor
Nature Materials, 10 (2011): 608-613

Mechanics and Dynamics of the Strain-Induced M1–M2 Structural Phase Transition in Individual VO2 Nanowires
Hua Guo, Kai Chen, Y. Oh, Kevin Wang, Catherine Dejoie, S. A. Syed Asif, O. L. Warren, Z. W. Shan, J. Wu, A. M. Minor
Nano Letters, 11.8 (2011): 3207-3213

Source Truncation and Exhaustion: Insights from Quantitative in situ TEM Tensile Testing
D. Kiener, A. M. Minor
Nano Letters, 11.9 (2011): 3816-3820

Dislocation character transition and related mechanical response in a body-centered cubic single crystal
Ling Zhang, Takahito Ohmura, Kaoru Sekido, Toru Hara, Kiyomi Nakajima, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Scripta Materialia, 67.4 (2011): 388-391

A new regime for mechanical annealing and strong sample-size strengthening in body centred cubic molybdenum
Ling Huang, Qing-Jie Li, Zhi-Wei Shan, Ju Li, Jun Sun, Evan Ma
Nature Communications, 2.547 (2011)

Insight into the deformation mechanisms of α-Fe at the nanoscale
Kelvin Y. Xie, Yanbo Wang, Song Ni, Xiaozhou Liao, Julie M. Cairney, Simon P. Ringer
Scripta Materialia, 65.12 (2011): 1037-1040

Smaller is tougher
A.R. Beaber, J.D. Nowak, O. Ugurlu, W.M. Mook, S.L. Girshick, R. Ballarini, W.W. Gerberich
Philosophical Magazine, 91.7-9 (2011): 1179-1189

Direct observation of the NiTi martensitic phase transformation in nanoscale volumes
Jia Ye, Raja K. Mishra, Alan R. Pelton, Andrew M. Minor
Acta Materialia, 58.2 (2010): 490-498

Strong crystal size effect on deformation twinning
Qian Yu, Zhi-Wei Shan, Ju Li, Xiaoxu Huang, Lin Xiao, Jun Sun, Evan Ma
Nature, 463 (2010): 335-338

Effects of size on the mechanical response of metallic glasses investigated through in situ TEM bending and compression experiments
C.Q. Chen, Y.T. Pei, J.T.M. De Hosson
Acta Materialia, 58.1 (2010): 189-200

Nanomechanical Testing of Gum Metal
E. A. Withey, J. Ye, A. M. Minor, S. Kuramoto, D. C. Chrzan, J. W. Morris Jr.
Experimental Mechanics, 50.1 (2010): 37-45

Superglide at an Internal Incommensurate Boundary
Frédéric Lançon, Jia Ye, Damien Caliste, Tamara Radetic, Andrew M. Minor, Ulrich Dahmen
Nano Letters, 10.2 (2010): 695-700

The deformation of Gum Metal through in situ compression of nanopillars
E.A. Withey, A.M. Minor, D.C. Chrzan, J.W. Morris Jr., S. Kuramoto
Acta Materialia, 58.7 (2010): 2652-2665

Electron-beam-assisted superplastic shaping of nanoscale amorphous silica
Kun Zheng, Chengcai Wang, Yong-Qiang Cheng, Yonghai Yue, Xiaodong Han, Ze Zhang, Zhiwei Shan, Scott X Mao, Miaomiao Ye, Yadong Yin, Evan Ma
Nature Communications, 1.24 (2010)

Achieving the ideal strength in annealed molybdenum nanopillars
M.B. Lowry, D. Kiener, M.M. LeBlanc, C. Chisholm, J.N. Florando, J.W. Morris Jr., A.M. Minor
Acta Materialia, 58.15 (2010): 5160-5167

In-situ metrology and testing of nanotwinned copper pillars for potential air gap applications
Vinay Sriram, Jenn-Ming Yang, Jia Ye, Andrew M. Minor
Microelectronic Engineering, 87.11 (2010): 2046-2049

A statistical physics consideration about the strength of small size metallic glass pillars
Changqiang Chen, Yutao Pei, Jeff Th M De Hosson
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 240.1 (2010)

Small size strength dependence on dislocation nucleation
J.D. Nowak, A.R. Beaber, O. Ugurlu, S.L. Girshick, W.W. Gerberich
Scripta Materialia, 62.11 (2010): 819-822

In situ indentation of nanoporous gold thin films in the transmission electron microscope
Ye Sun, Jia Ye, Andrew M. Minor, T. John Balk
Microscopy Research and Technique, 72.3 (2009): 232-241

Revealing deformation mechanisms with nanoindentation
D. Kiener, K. Durst, M. Rester, A. M. Minor
JOM, 61.3 (2009): 14-23

Advances in transmission electron microscopy: In situ straining and in situ compression experiments on metallic glasses
Jeff Th.M. De Hosson
Microscopy Research and Technique, 72.3 (2009): 250-260

Quantitative TEM Tensile Testing on 1D Nano-structural Materials
ZW Shan, J Oh, A Minor, SAS Asif, OL Warren
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 15.S2 (2009): 1188-1189

In Situ and Ex Situ Nanomechanical Analysis of Reactive Nanolayer Solder Joints
Michael Tong, Vinay Sriram, Andrew Minor, Jenn-Ming Yang
Advanced Engineering Materials, 11.8 (2009): 645-649

In-situ TEM investigation of deformation behavior of metallic glass pillars
Changqiang Chen, Yutao Pei, Jeff De Hosson
MRS Proceedings, 1185 (2009)

Strength of submicrometer diameter pillars of metallic glasses investigated with in situ transmission electron microscopy
C.Q. Chen, Y.T. Pei, J.Th.M. De Hosson
Philosophical Magazine Letters, 89.10 (2009)

Plastic flow and failure resistance of metallic glass: Insight from in situ compression of nanopillars
Z. W. Shan, J. Li, Y. Q. Cheng, A. M. Minor, S. A. Syed Asif, O. L. Warren, E. Ma
Physical Review B, 77 (2008)

Determining the stress required for deformation twinning in nanocrystalline and ultrafine-grained copper
Vinay Sriram, Jenn-Ming Yang, Jia Ye, Andrew M. Minor
JOM, 60.9 (2008): 66-70

Ultrahigh stress and strain in hierarchically structured hollow nanoparticles
Z. W. Shan, G. Adesso, A. Cabot, M. P. Sherburne, S. A. Syed Asif, O. L. Warren, D. C. Chrzan, A. M. Minor, A. P. Alivisatos
Nature Materials, 7 (2008): 947-952

Relating nanoscale plasticity to bulk ductility in aluminum alloys
J. Ye, R.K. Mishra, A.M. Minor
Scripta Materialia, 59.9 (2008): 951-954

Tribology in Full View
Laurence D. Marks, Oden L. Warren, Andrew M. Minor, Arno P. Merkle
MRS Bulletin, 33.12 (2008): 1168-1173

In situ nanoindentation in the TEM
Oden L. Warren, Zhiwei Shan, S.A. Syed Asif, Eric A. Stach, J.W. Morris Jr., Andrew M. Minor
Materials Today, 10.4 (2007): 59-60

Incipient plasticity in metallic thin films
W. A. Soer, J. Th. M. De Hosson, A. M. Minor, Z. Shan, S. A. Syed Asif, O. L. Warren
Applied Physics Letters, 90 (2007)

The mechanical behavior of nanoporous gold thin films
Ye Sun, Jia Ye, Zhiwei Shan, Andrew M. Minor, T. John Balk
JOM, 59.9 (2007): 54-58

Mechanical annealing and source-limited deformation in submicrometre-diameter Ni crystals
Z. W. Shan, Raja K. Mishra, S. A. Syed Asif, Oden L. Warren, Andrew M. Minor
Nature Materials, 7 (2007): 115-119

A new view of the onset of plasticity during the nanoindentation of aluminium
Andrew M. Minor, S. A. Syed Asif, Zhiwei Shan, Eric A. Stach, Edward Cyrankowski, Thomas J. Wyrobek, Oden L. Warren
Nature Materials, 5 (2006): 697-702

In situ TEM nanoindentation and dislocation-grain boundary interactions: a tribute to David Brandon
Jeff T. M. De Hosson, Wouter A. Soer, Andrew M. Minor, Zhiwei Shan, Eric A. Stach, S. A. Syed Asif, Oden L. Warren
Journal of Materials Science, 41.23 (2006): 7704-7719