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PI 8X SEM PicoIndenter

SEM PicoIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.
SEM PicoIndenter | Hysitron, Inc.

PI 8X SEM PicoIndenter®

Hysitron’s SEM series PicoIndenter instruments are depth-sensing nanomechanical test instruments that can be interfaced with scanning electron microscopes (SEM). With these systems, it is possible to perform quantitative nanomechanical testing while simultaneously imaging with the SEM. Coupling these two techniques allows the researcher to position the probe with extreme accuracy and image the deformation process throughout the test. These stage-mounted systems are designed for exceptional performance in the electron microscope, with vacuum compatible versions of Hysitron’s capacitive sensor technology and electrically conductive probes to prevent sample charging to maintain the highest resolution imaging during testing. The SEM series features four unique instruments that are designed to meet the in-situ mechanical testing needs of all researchers.

PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter®
The PI 85 SEM is a compact, versatile tool for truly nanoscale mechanical testing across the entire materials spectrum. This system utilizes Hysitron’s capacitive and electrostatic transducer technology to provide the lowest possible thermal drift and industry-leading stability and sensitivity.

PI 85xR SEM PicoIndenter®
With a variable load frame, the PI 85xR is designed to give researchers the extra force and displacement necessary to generate failure in hard materials and protective coatings or induce yield in larger, more complex structures such as micro-scale pillars, particles, and coatings. This system utilizes a unique piezoelectric actuator in combination with Hysitron’s capacitive sensors for added range while maintaining high sensitivity.

PI 87 SEM PicoIndenter®
The enhanced sample positioning capabilities (X, Y, Z, Tilt, Rotation) of the PI 87 gives researchers the ability to align the sample with various detectors (EBSD, EDS, WDS, etc.) for mechanical characterization as a function of crystal orientation, grain structure, or chemical composition. Seamless FIB milling also facilitates sample modification and 3D characterization in-situ.

PI 87xR SEM PicoIndenter®
Combining Hysitron’s advanced 5-axis sample positioning stage with the extended range transducer the PI87xR is the most advanced in-situ mechanical testing instrument available, giving the user and unprecedented flexibility and control from micro- to nano-scale.

Hysitron's SEM PicoIndenter Features

  • Unique transducer technologies optimized for nano- and micro- scale in-situ mechanical testing regimes
  • 3-axis or 5-axis sample positioning
  • Load or displacement controlled testing modes for nanoindentation, compression, tension, or bending tests
  • User-changeable conductive probes available in a wide variety of materials and geometries
  • Advanced performech® digital controller with 78kHz feedback rate and data acquisition up to 38kHz to capture transient events, such as fracture initiation
  • Proprietary Q-Control mode actively dampens transducer oscillations

Additional SEM PicoIndenter Information

SEM PicoIndenter Upgrade Options

Add heating capabilities for direct measurement and observation of thermally initiated material transformations, ideal for testing materials that demand reliability under extreme conditions. Learn More

Add testing capabilities for simultaneous measurement of electrical and mechanical properties during nanoindentation, compression, or tensile loading to understand origins of electrical property changes in materials or devices. Learn More

Nanowires and free standing thin films can be mounted and tested in tension using these MEMS fabricated devices. An electrical version of the device further expands the capabilities and enables four point electrical measurements throughout the tensile experiment. Learn More

Apply an oscillating force to continuously measure viscoelastic and fatigue properties as a function of contact depth, frequency, and time. Learn More