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Delivering the Widest Range of Innovative Nanomechanical Testing Techniques to Keep Your Materials Development at the Forefront of Technology

Hysitron takes great pride in offering the most comprehensive suite of quantitative nanomechanical test instruments in the market. Our industry-leading technologies are specifically designed to enable new frontiers in nanoscale materials characterization and materials development. Hysitron’s quantitative nanoscale testing solutions are routinely utilized in diverse areas of research to help overcome today’s most complex material challenges. Highly customizable and upgradable, Hysitron’s nanomechanical test instruments will keep pace with your evolving characterization needs and provide new insights into nanoscale material behavior.

Standalone Instruments

Quantitative Nanomechanical Test Instruments with Industry-Leading Performance and Versatility

Instruments for Microscopes

Quantitative Nanomechanical Test Instruments Interfaced with Powerful Microscopy Techniques (SEM, TEM, XRM, AFM)

Process Metrology Equipment

High-Throughput, Fully Automated Nanomechanical Metrology Systems

Laboratory Services

Providing Analytical Nanomechanical Testing Services to the Industrial and Academic Nano-Communities 

Support Agreements

Equip Your Hysitron System with Years of Worry-Free Operation