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Structural & Cell Biology

Structural & Cell Biology | Hysitron, Inc.
Structural & Cell Biology | Hysitron, Inc.

Quantitative Nanomechanical Characterization at the Cellular Level

The mechanical properties of cells and their surroundings are integral to the cellular performance of living organisms.  Cellular mechanical properties play in important role in biological processes, such as cell differentiation, growth, ageing, movement, wound healing, metastasis, and drug delivery. Cellular biochemical and genetic response can be linked to the mechanical properties of cells and their surroundings. Measurements of these biophysical changes can be used to understand cell state and function.

Cellular Nanomechanics

Hysitron has developed multiple technologies to measure the mechanical properties of individual cells and localized structures at the tissue level. Based on nanoindentation techniques, the effect of input mechanical signals on cellular behavior and the results of biochemical cues on cellular architecture changes can be quantitatively measured. Hysitron’s mechanical phenotyping test equipment provides new ways to characterize the interdependencies of mechanical behavior and cellular state or function.

Test Equipment for Cell/Tissue Characterization

Example Applications