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Thomas Wyrobek, CEO

Thomas Wyrobek | Hysitron, Inc.Thomas Wyrobek is CEO and Co-Founder of Hysitron, Inc., a worldwide leader in designing, producing and servicing leading edge nanoindenters and nanomechanical test instruments to support industrial, academic and government material research innovations. A technically astute and orientated manufacturer, Thomas brings his knowledge, expertise and relationships to the nanotechnology world. He is highly respected worldwide for his forward thinking approaches and methods to advance the emerging nanotechnology field of nanomechanical test instruments.

Thomas has more than 30 years of experience in engineering design, total process control and zero defect production of precise components, assemblies and instrumentation. Previously, he was President and owner of Molding Technical Systems, a leading supplier of aircraft connectors to Boeing and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and 7-Sigma, a precision manufacturer for the business machine and disk drive industry. With a strong commitment to promote the science of nanotechnology, Thomas underwrites and supports students, meetings and research projects worldwide. He is a member of the Materials Research Society; American Vacuum Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineering; Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers; International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials; Minerals, Metals & Materials Society; and the Defense Alliance of Minnesota. Thomas also serves as a board member to three corporations and two non-profits.

Oden Warren, President & CTO

Oden Warren | Hysitron, Inc.Dr. Oden L. Warren is the President and Chief Technology Officer at Hysitron, Inc. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1993 from Iowa State University of Science & Technology, where he studied as an Amoco Foundation Fellow. His graduate research on surface crystallography of reconstructed thin films earned him an Alpha Chi Sigma Research Excellence Award. Thereafter, he conducted postdoctoral research at Sandia National Laboratories-New Mexico, and at The University of Western Ontario, in the area of interfacial force microscopy.

After joining Hysitron in 1998, he led the development effort for the TriboIndenter® nanomechanical test instrument, the company's flagship product. In 2005, his concept of a three-dimensional nanomechanical tester received a Nano 50 Award from Nanotech Briefs for the physically realized 3D OmniProbe™ product. He is the Principal Investigator for Phase I (completed successfully in 2005) and Phase II (ongoing) SBIR grants awarded by the US Department of Energy for the development of quantitative nanoindentation in-situ to a transmission electron microscope. He also represents the company in drafting ASTM and ISO standards for instrumented indentation. He has been issued 11 US patents, given more than 30 invited talks, and has co-authored more than 70 papers, on nanomechanics, nanotribology, and surface science. Oden's papers have been cited over 2500 times with an h-index of 25. In 2015 Oden received Iowa State University's John V. Atanasoff Discovery Award, awarded to alumni who have significantly advanced scientific knowledge through laboratory accomplishments and/or management. His latest research interests include optimizing feedback-controlled nanoindentation, enhancing the role of nanoindentation in combinatorial materials science, and understanding fundamental deformation mechanisms through quantitative nanoindentation coupled to transmission electron microscopy. His technical expertise spans the range of nanomechanics, scanning probe microscopy, instrumentation and software development, capacitive transducer and piezoelectric actuator design, and ultra-high vacuum surface science.

Michael Eggers, CFO

Michael Eggers - CFOMichael Eggers is the CFO for Hysitron joining the company in September of 2005. Mike leads accounting, finance and human resources with extensive involvement in all areas of the company.  This operating role supports global sales and distribution of its advanced R&D driven products. Previously Mike was Director of Finance for Advantek for six and half years, a global manufacturer of precision packaging for the semi-conductor industry. Prior to that, he spent 15 years working for Vision-Ease Lens, a manufacturer of prescription eyewear in a variety of positions including VP of Finance. Mike brings a strong background in finance, accounting and international operations. He has an accounting degree from the University of South Dakota and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. 

Lance Kuhn, Director of Customer Service

Lance Kuhn | Hysitron, Inc.Lance Kuhn is the Director of Customer Service at Hysitron. He is responsible for Hysitron’s customer support world-wide, and manages Hysitron’s customer service team consisting of internal employees and external agents at various distributors throughout the world. His commitment to maintaining a premier level of customer satisfaction and instrument operation has made Hysitron’s customer service among the best in the industry. Lance received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin in 1995.

Lance started his career at Hysitron as an applications engineer in 1996 and has been with Hysitron since then. He is one of the few employees who worked in the company when it had only a handful of customers. As instrument sales grew, so did the need for increased customer service. Based on his extensive understanding of both instrumentation and applications, Lance was ideal for the customer service position, taking full advantage of his expertise with regard to Hysitron technology and AFM platforms. In addition, Lance has been involved in development of new instrumentation for the last ten years, using his extensive experience and first-hand customer feedback information to suggest changes and improvements to Hysitron’s technology.

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