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Expand the capabilities of any existing AFM system by adding
a TS Series TriboScope®

  • Quantitative nanomechanical information
  • SPM scanning with the indentation probe/capacitive
    sensor in combination with the existing AFM scanner
Hysitron TS 75 TriboScope | Nanoindentation & Nanomechanical Test Instrument

TS 75 TriboScope®

High senstivitity, three-plate capacitive sensor technology YES
Nanoindentation YES
ScanningWear (wear resistance) YES
Nanoscratch A
In-situ SPM imaging YES
Driven with the performech® advanced DSP control unit YES
Ultra-fast, 78 kHz internal feedback loop rate YES
Feedback control testing YES
Software controlled gain settings YES
USB 2.0 interface for high data acquisition rates YES

Option & Upgrade Compatibility

TS 75 TriboScope

 3D OmniProbe

 Acoustic Emission Testing A
 Closed Loop Scanners X
 Dual Head operation X
 Feedback Control YES
 Flourescence Microscope X
 Modulus Mapping A*
 MultiRange Nanoprobe  X
 nanoDMA® A*
 nanoECR®  X
 Temperature Control Stages A*
(37 deg. model)
 TriboAnalysis A
 TriboImage A
 Vacuum Stages  X

  Features that are standard with base system indicated with an [YES].
 Features that are available as an option or upgrade for the instrument indicated with an [A].
 Features indicated with an [*] are available with select AFM models. Contact your local sales representative for details.

The Hysitron TS Series TriboScope was the first true Hysitron instrument. It was designed to take advantage of AFM technology by being an attachable option that provided the machine with nanomechanical testing abilities the world had never seen before.

With the ability to 'add-on' to any commercially available AFM, the TS Series TriboScope is a good option for any existing AFM system.

TS 75 TriboScope

The next generation, highest quality, nanomechanical testing instrument equipped with the advanced DSP performech.