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  Gold Platinum
Annual Transducer Recalibration   X
Consumable Items1   X
Loaner Equipment2   X
Annual Service Visit3  1 Day 2 Days
Free Computer Upgrade4 X X
Software Upgrades X X
Hardware upgrades 15% Discount 18% Discount
Parts & Labor5 X X
Priority Phone & Email Support X X

1 Consumable Items includes one set of standard samples and one replacement probe for an existing probe, and two replacement bulbs for fiberoptic illuminator (if applicable).
2 Loaner Equipment eligible for repairs taking more than two weeks.
3 Annual Service Visit performed by Hysitron service engineer is intended for instrument verification, onsite calibration/checks, and question/answer session with users. Platinum plan allows user to elect two days on-site or two days at Hysitron Research Laboratory in Minneapolis, MN (travel/accommodations not included).

4 Free Computer Upgrade eligible during fifth year of continuous service plan enrollment.
5 Parts & Labor included for failed components. No coverage for components damaged due to user error or mishandling

One of the key benefits of purchasing a nanomechanical testing instrument from Hysitron is our commitment to providing industry leading customer satisfaction.  Hysitron offers service contracts to enhance and extend the existing customer support to accommodate individual customer needs. Hysitron has developed several service contract levels to provide an appropriate range of services for every user. 

The most comprehensive plans include services such as:

  • On-site emergency visits by a qualified service engineer
  • Complimentary software upgrades
  • Annual visit by a qualified service engineer for training and instrument check-up
  • Annual transducer recalibration
  • Training for users at our research laboratory in Minneapolis, MN (USA)
  • Complimentary parts & labor
  • Complimentary consumable items
  • Unlimited priority phone and email support

For service contract pricing or terms and conditions, contact a Hysitron service engineer at +1-(952)-835-6366 or email to support@hysitron.com.