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PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter®

PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter | Transmission Electron Microscope

The PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter from Hysitron, Inc. is the first full-fledged depth-sensing indenter capable of direct-observation nanomechanical testing in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). This pioneering in situ instrument is specifically designed to overcome the numerous configurational and environmental challenges presented by transmission electron microscopes, and its primary function is to output a quantitative force-displacement curve to be time correlated to the corresponding transmission electron microscope movie of the stress-induced deformation process. This coupling of high-resolution techniques enables a researcher to witness, for example, the microscopic origin of a measured force or displacement transient. 

The key enabling technology of the PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter instrument is its novel miniature transducer. With this newly-developed transducer, in situ force-displacement curves can be acquired in a highly accurate depth-sensing manner, instead of relying on an inherently troublesome series-loading, spring-deflection-force scheme. Furthermore, substantially larger forces can be realized on account of the electrostatic actuation aspect of the transducer, without suffering a force sensitivity penalty. Control of the transducer, and of the piezoelectric actuator, is governed by a newly-developed advanced digital controller operating at a high loop rate. 

  • Patent-pending miniature transducer providing electrostatic actuation and capacitive displacement sensing
  • Transmission electron microscope holder equipped with a three-axis coarse positioner and a 3D piezoelectric actuator for fine positioning
  • Advanced digital controller utilizing a digital signal processor (DSP)
  • Multiple operating modes including closed-loop displacement control, open-loop load control, and closed-loop force-balance control
  • Actively damped transducer when operating under closed-loop control
  • Easily interchangeable conductive probes and explicit means for preventing probe charging


PI 95 PicoIndenter in situ video of CdS nanosphere indentation

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