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Temperature Control Stages

Hysitron Temperature Stage Testing ResultsHysitron offers an array of temperature control stages to compliment the TI Series and TS Series of nano-indenter instruments. Using a temperature control stage allows the user to test samples at non-ambient temperatures. Non-ambient or high temperature testing is important when working with biomaterials, polymers, semiconductors and many other materials that are intended for real-world applications at elevated or reduced temperatures. 

37 Degree Temperature Control Stage

The 37 Degree Temperature Control Stage was developed by Hysitron to offer TI Series users a platform for testing biological samples. The 37 Degree Temperature Control Stage operates from room temperature up to 37 °C. The simplified operation of the 37 Degree Temperature Control Stage does not require any gain settings or additional software and is ready to use out of the box.


100/200 Degree Temperature Control Stage
Temperature Stage | Nanoindentation & Nanomechanical Test Instruments | Hysitron
Hysitron offers a 100/200 Degree Temperature Control Stage for the TI Series of nano-indenter instruments. The 100/200 Degree Temperature Control Stage is capable of operating from -10 °C up to 100 °C or 200 °C. The 100/200 Degree Temperature Control Stage is a liquid-cooled device that includes the following components:

  • Temperature control stage
  • Stage control unit
  • Heat shield to protect the transducer and scanner during elevated temperature testing
  • Advanced TriboTC software integrated into TriboScan with tunable PID gains 

The 100/200 Degree Temperature Control Stage utilizes a Peltier device for heating and cooling. In addition to the Peltier device, the 200 Degree Temperature Control Stage has an additional resistive heater to achieve higher temperatures.

100 Degree TS Series Temperature Control Stage

A temperature control stage has been developed by Hysitron for small sample TS Series nano-indenter instruments. This resistive heating element allows for precise control of the sample temperature from room temperature up to 100 °C. The
design and availability of a temperature control stage for TS Series instruments will vary by the AFM interface. For more information regarding your TS Series instrument, contact your local sales representative.

xSol™ High Temperature Stage

Hysitron’s xSol High Temperature Stage was designed for the TI Series TriboIndenter® and allows high resolution nanomechanical measurements to be performed over a broad temperature range up to 800 °C and beyond. The thermally stable xSol stage design provides superior feedback-controlled temperature accuracy and fast stabilization times. Dual resistive heating elements eliminate temperature gradients within the sample for a uniform temperature to the outermost testing surface. xSol’s heating element architecture and proprietary probe design provides passive tip heating for isothermal tip-sample contact.
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