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Hysitron nanoECR Testing ResultsnanoECR, nanoscale Electrical Contact Resistance, provides a powerful solution for simultaneous, in situ electrical and mechanical measurements. Correlation of multiple measurements from in situ experiments increases the wealth of information obtained from nanoscale probe measurements.

nanoECR utilizes a new model of Hysitron’s patented three-plate capacitive force and displacement transducer that has been modified to provide an electrical path from the tip to signal acquisition and measurement hardware, which allows measurement of electrical contact conditions. This transducer guarantees uncompromised mechanical testing by providing industry-leading force and displacement measurement capabilities. Hysitron provides conductive Boron-doped diamond probes for standard mechanical and electrical testing. These conductive probes can be supplied in any of Hysitron’s standard probe geometries or any custom geometry. In addition, conductive tip holders can be obtained that will allow users to mount their own conductive probes or coated materials for maximum versatility in defining the contacting materials to be studied.

Hysitron has developed proprietary software to provide user-friendly control and automation of the hardware for electrical measurements. A versatile load-function editor allows single point or I-V curve measurements to be triggered and acquired at any point during an indentation loading function. Observation of test results can be quickly and easily observed through single or dual ordinate graphs or imported into the Hysitron TriboAnalysis software, which provides further analysis of nanoECR data for standard and customized data analysis. 

Hysitron's nanoECR Features:

  • Simultaneous, in situ electrical and mechanical measurements
  • Time-based correlation of multiple measurements, including force, displacement, voltage and current
  • I-V measurements from nanoscale probe contacts during controlled load or displacement conditions
  • Conductive diamond probes provide optimized electrical and mechanical contacts
  • High resolution electrical sourcemeter provides low voltage/current measurements for nanoscale contacts
  • User-friendly software for control and observation of electrical test measurements  
  • Hysitron is now incorporating nanoECR with our patented in situ SPM imaging (see image below).

Compatible Instruments:

Additional Information on nanoECR:

pdf nanoECR Information Sheet

nanoECR - Conductive Imaging