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MultiRange NanoProbe™

MultiRange NanoProbe | Nanoindentation & Nanomechanical Test Instruments | HysitronThe MultiRange NanoProbe extends the testing capability of the TI Series TriboIndenter® systems by increasing the load range of the instrument to 10 Newtons. This indenter head employs piezoresistive technology to allow high load/large displacement indentation and provides an invaluable tool for the study of fracture and interfacial delamination.

Hysitron's MultiRange NanoProbe Features:

  • Operation in load or displacement control mode
  • Unique piezo loading/capacitive sensing system offers superior stability and
    low thermal drift
  • Tunable design provides flexibility for custom engineered maximum normal load

Compatible Instruments:

Additional Information on the MultiRange NanoProbe:

pdf MultiRange NanoProbe Information Sheet