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MultiRange NanoProbe™

MultiRange NanoProbe | Nanoindentation & Nanomechanical Test Instruments | HysitronThe MultiRange NanoProbe extends the testing capability of the TI Series TriboIndenter® systems by increasing the load range of the instrument to 10 Newtons. This indenter head employs piezoresistive technology to allow high load/large displacement indentation and provides an invaluable tool for the study of fracture and interfacial delamination.

Hysitron's MultiRange NanoProbe Features:

  • Operation in load or displacement control mode
  • Unique piezo loading/capacitive sensing system offers superior stability and
    low thermal drift
  • Tunable design provides flexibility for custom engineered maximum normal load



High Load Scratch Option

High Load Scratch Option | Nanoindentation & Nanomechanical Test Instruments | HysitronThe MultiRange NanoProbe may be used in combination with the High Load Scratch Option, which increases the capabilities of the MultiRange NanoProbe system to include lateral force features.

The High Load Scratch Option offers multi-directional force sensing that allows for scratch testing to be performed and accurately measured in any direction over any length. The ability to perform lateral testing on a sample greatly increases the potential of the system by allowing for further fracture/delamination studies as well as coefficient of friction and profilometry measurements of samples.

Hysitron's High Load Scratch Option Features:

  • Incorporates scratch testing to an existing MultiRange NanoProbe system
  • Unique 3D force sensing design
  • Increased scratch length and velocity for tribological studies

Compatible Instruments:

Additional Information on the MultiRange NanoProbe:

pdf MultiRange NanoProbe Information Sheet