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Modulus Mapping™

Hysitron Modulus Mapping Testing ResultsModulus Mapping incorporates the quantitative measurements of viscoelastic properties provided by nanoDMA® with the in situ imaging of Hysitron's testing instruments to yield unprecedented capabilities in nanomechanical testing. This tool provides a modulus map of a surface from a single SPM scan, eliminating the need for thousands of indents to characterize an area.

Modulus Mapping Features:

  • High-resolution modulus mapping of material interfaces
  • 65,536 nanomechanical tests in less than ten minutes
  • Automated calibration of entire system
  • Stand-alone software platform
  • Advanced offline image analysis software
  • Quantitative maps of storage and loss stiffness and modulus

Compatible Instruments:

Additional Information on Modulus Mapping:

pdf Modulus Mapping Information Sheet